Over 50 years of history as a guarantee of our work

Company SAV was founded in the early 60’s in Manzano, heart of the world of chairs manufacturing for several decades, as a company dedicated to the production of wood elements. The founder was Sergio’s father, who managed the company until 1990.
Sergio grew immersed in the scent of wood and in the noise of the machines. In the 90’s, Sergio and Fabiana knew each other as employees in the same company, always in that area: he as head of the purchasing and production office, she working in the export department. In the following years, Sergio approached to other experiences, first of all as owner, together with other partners, of a production and trading company. Then he decided to continue his way alone, managing at the same time both the productive consultant activity and the buying office, for some national and foreign companies.
In the meanwhile, Fabiana strengthened her commercial experience working in different companies. She had the opportunity to learn a lot about the Italian and the world-wide market, thanks above all to her flexibility and the knowledge of several foreign languages. She has worked in the world of furniture with a 360-degree view, from retail to contract, managing branded and no-branded companies, from middle to high-end level products, dealing with furniture, accessories, decorative objects and so on.
Today Sergio and Fabiana want to provide with their knowledge and experience all those organizations that want and need to be involved in the today global market.
Over 50 years of history as a guarantee of our work!